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How to Prepare Before Going on a Sunbed

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

When you buy sunbed in Dublin, you will be able to keep your tan looking dark and glowing no matter what the weather is like outside. With a dark tan, you will look healthy and sun-kissed all year long, like you just came back from a relaxing holiday. Many people are choosing to buy sunbed in Dublin and other locations, because owning your own home tanning bed makes getting tanned much more convenient. If you buy a sunbed in Belfast or elsewhere, the investment is well worth it over time in the money saved by not going to the salon.

Using a sunbed is an easy way to stay tanned and beautiful, but there are some important things to remember before going on a sunbed which will prepare you for the experience. The things that you do to prepare for the sunbed are just as important as the time that you spend on the sunbed itself, so many sure that when you buy a sunbed in Cork, you always prepare yourself properly before using it.

Here are some of the important things to do before using a sunbed:

•    Make sure that you have all of the safety equipment prepared. Never forget to wear your protective goggles when using your sunbed, as the UV light is very harmful to your eyes and can cause a condition called “arc eye” or snow blindness.

•    Apply a protective lotion or cream before using the sunbed. There are several special creams on the market which are designed to be used with a sunbed, and they contain ingredients which will protect your skin and enhance its natural tanning ability.

•    Always remove your make up before using the sunbed. Most foundations will have UV protection built in, and they will cause you to have an uneven tan on your face. It is ok to wear mascara and eye-liner, but remove the foundation from your skin.

•    If you are wearing any jewellery or watches, always remove them before using the sunbed.

•    Never consume alcohol before going on a sunbed.

•    Make sure that before you use your sunbed, you are fully knowledgeable about the safety and the proper operating procedures. Check that you know how to switch it off if you need to and locate where the emergency stop button is just in case. When you buy a sunbed in Cork or anywhere else you will receive this safety information along with your purchase.

•    Remove your contact lenses and eye glasses before using the sunbed.

•    Shave your legs before using the sunbed, because after your tan the skin willbe sensitive and shaving will be more uncomfortable.

•    If you exfoliate your skin before using the sunbed, your skin will look more glowing and healthy and your tan will last longer.

Whether you buy a sunbed in Cork or anywhere else, it is very important that you don’t forget these important steps to prepare and always follow them before any tanning session.

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If you buy a buy sunbed in Dublin and are going to undergo a tanning session, remember these pointers for preparing yourself.