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Should You Use the Sunbed Before Or After Working Out At the Gym

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Using sunbeds and working out is a great combination, because you will keep your body looking slim and toned and you will give your skin a sexy sun-kissed glow. Most gyms and fitness centres will have sunbeds available in their facilities so that you can combine both your gym session and your tanning session conveniently. Best way to find out if you want to buy a sunbed. Having a tan will make your muscles look more defined and can give the illusion of slenderness. A great workout in the gym and a few minutes on the tanning bed every couple of days will have you looking like a buff, bronzed babe in no time!

However, if you work out and use or buy a sunbed, you might be wondering whether or not it is better to do one before the other. Should you get a tan, and then go workout? Or should you do your exercise first and tan afterwards?

Tanning Before a Workout

One of the disadvantages of tanning before your workout is that it can zap your energy. When you are lying under the heat of a sunbed in the UK, your muscles relax and your body sweats and becomes slightly dehydrated. It’s a lot harder to do a strenuous workout immediately afterwards because of this. Imagine how much harder it would be to go outside for a run if the temperature was very hot outside.

However, some people report that tanning before their workout helps to relax their muscles and warm them up, which results in better performance.

Tanning After a Workout

There are some disadvantages to using a sunbed after your workout, such as the fact that you will be all sweaty when you are trying to apply the sunbed lotion and you might feel extra warm due to your raised heart rate. Some people don’t like the sensation of lying in a sweaty sunbed in the UK after they have just been exercising.

However, some say that tanning after you exercise will allow your skin to take in more UV rays because your pores will be open and your blood will be circulating. This means that you can get a better tan by using the sunbed after working out. Also, the feeling of the warm sunbed might be relaxing after a workout and can be a soothing experience.

If you tan after your workout, you will probably want to have a shower afterwards to rinse all of the sweat and tanning lotion from your skin. It is also very important to drink lots of water, whether you tan before or after your workout. Exercising will make you dehydrated, and so will tanning, and if you are doing one after the other your body will need lots of fluids. If you feel thirsty, drained or develop a headache, this is a sure sign that your body is becoming seriously dehydrated. Take a bottle of water with you to the gym always and keep drinking from it throughout your workout and before and after your tanning session.

Have fun and happy tanning!

Some gyms offer sunbeds for their members, but would it better for your body to workout first and then tan or vice versa? Why not buy a sunbed for home use if you can't decide.