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Sunbed Tips for Those Who Have Fair Skin

Monday, November 7, 2011

Do you have naturally pale skin that you wish could look a bit more sun-kissed? Perhaps you want to look good for a special occasion, or you are preparing for a beach holiday? It is possible to get a tanned look when you have fair skin, but you need to be a lot more careful.

If you have pale skin and you want to use a sunbed, you will need to use it patiently and sensibly and take your time to build up a good tan. This will lead to natural looking and long lasting results without the horrible experience of painful sunburn.

Remember that if your pale skin burns easily in the sun, it will also burn very easily on a sunbed, whether you buy sunbed in Dublin of your own or use one in a salon.

Dangers of Tanning With Pale Skin

Keep in mind that the World Health Organization and the Cancer Research Foundation of the UK have found that people with pale and freckly skin that burns easily, or has many moles are much more sensitive to UV light. This means that using a sunbed will be more dangerous for you than it is for other users, and you can have an increased risk of developing skin cancer.

If you still decide to buy sunbed in Dublin and go along with your plan of getting tanned, you can decrease your risk in these ways:

•    Limit your tanning sessions to only a few minutes and gradually increase your tanning session duration over the course of several weeks. Try starting out with a maximum session of 3 minutes and slowly increasing this time.

•    Take at least a 24 hour or 28 hour break between tanning sessions to give your skin a chance to rest.

•    Be patient. It will take a while longer to tan your skin this way, so don’t expect big results in a short time. If you need to be tanned for a special event, make sure that you start building up your small tanning sessions in advance so that you are ready.

•    Watch out for any sign of redness and burning, which indicates damage to the skin. If you start to get red or burn, take a break from your tanning sessions until the skin heals.

•    Keep a very close eye on any moles, freckles or blemishes that you might have. If they change shape or size, or become itchy or sore in any way you will need to go see a doctor.

Since you will be using the sunbed for many small sessions over a period of time, you might find it more economical to buy sunbed in Dublin of your own to use. Salon fees add up quickly, and if you are using your own private sunbed you might end up saving money in the long term. There are many places where you can buy a sunbed in Dublin, and if you can purchase a used model you might find a great deal.
Good luck getting the perfect tan, and remember to take extra care of your fair skin and make sure that you are tanning safely!