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Ergoline 600 ClassicTurbo - £5940.00

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  • Category : Lie Down Sunbed
  • Purpose : Commercial use
  • Type : Buy

 The Ergoline 600 Classic Turbo shown here is anthracite grey and ruby red and is a series 2 unit.  Featuring 50  x 160 watt tubes and 4 x 500 watt high pressure facial tanners, it also has a head and shoulder tanner.

Body cooling vents from the canopy and the base are controlled from the canopy display and this sunbed gives a powerful tan in great comfort

It is in very good condition with a new base perspex fitted

Also with this sunbed is a dedicated air extract system so the waste air can be delivered away from the room.




Canopy 24 x 160 watt tubes

Base 18 x 160 watt tubes

Side 8 x 160 watt tubes

Facials 4 x 500 watt ultra facials

Shoulder 5 x 25 watt tubes

Dimensions:  2350 x 1320mm.  Height closed 1300mm.  Height open 1720mm.

Power: 12.8 kw

Supply required:  3 phase, 25amps per phase.