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Ergoline Avante Garde 600 Turbo - £8700.00

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  • Category : Lie Down Sunbed
  • Purpose : Commercial use
  • Type : Buy

The Avante Garde is perhaps the most popular sunbed made by Ergoline. This model features a wave form base perspex for ultra comfort. This Avante Garde is a series ll unit and has been fitted with a new base perspex. This sunbed is presented in Graphite with Black and Metallic Blue and has 7 display bulbs to give a good visual effect. The top of the canopy is constructed of toughened glass and is backlit with 3 display lamps for a pleasant visual effect. This model features a voice guide and an inbuilt music system. Included with this model is a dedicated Ergoline ducting system.



Base                                : 21 x 160 watt tubes
Canopy                            : 26 x 160 watt tubes
Facials                             : 3 x 500 watt
Shoulder Tanner               : 7 x 25 watt tubes

Power Required: 13500 watts, 3 Phase, 25 amps per phase.

Dimensions: 2340 x 1410 mm.