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KBL T 230w Pure Energy Stand Up - £5640.00

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  • Category : Stand Up Sunbed
  • Purpose : Commercial use
  • Type : Buy

 The KBL Tower - designed to be a star.   Superb engineering from this very respected German manufacturer makes this vertical tanner the choice for your salon.

Design and construction - the perfect combination of plastic elements with a fine shine and high-quality aluminum. Visual  highlights such as the chromium-plated reflector in the upper part and the backlit motif enhance the beauty of this machine.

BodyCool - the new and innovative all-around body ventilation by KBL with its four different air supplies - as a standard feature make the KBL Tower pureEnergy the absolute star in terms of comfortable tanning.

  • Reflector tubes = 52 x 230 watt
  • Minimum room size = 63" L x 98" W x 96" H