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Q-MED 50 BODYWAVE 180 - £20268.00

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  • Category : Stand Up Sunbed
  • Purpose : Commercial use
  • Type : Buy

Q-med has combined the effect of three highly specialised beauty treatments with the solarium in only one machine. BodyWave will multiply your profits, allowing you to program many more sessions thanks to the possibility of offering 7 different types of beauty treatments.


+ Vibrating
+ Microcirculation
+ Super Tan
+ 47% More Tanning
- 30% Shorter Session

Anticell (low hertz)

BodyWave combats the stagnation of liquids by mobilising them and acting on the cellulite. The low-frequency vibrations also have a relaxing effect induced by massaging the spine and the bigger muscle groups and by the drainage action. The rays warm up, tan and pamper the body giving it an remarkable feeling of comfort, harmony and beauty.

Slimming (med hertz)

BodyWave contrasts the accumulation of fat and the stagnation of liquids by mobilising and acting on localized imperfections effectively and giving immediately visible results. Everyone can reach their ambitious “slimming goal” in a very short period of time. With the effect of the heat, liquids come out more quickly, more calories are burned and incredibly it increases cellular metabolism.

Gym (high hertz)

BodyWave obtains extraordinary results in performance, strength and energy. Its action stimulates the muscle making them more defined in the space of only 10 minutes. Muscular strength increases by 30%.

Tubes 50 x 180watt 1.8m
Power consumption 11000w
Power required 25 amps three phase or  63 amps single phase