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Tanzi Opal Fitness - £7794.00

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  • Category : Stand Up Sunbed
  • Purpose : Commercial use
  • Type : Buy

The Opal Fitness vertical sunbed offers everything you could want; it tans perfectly, cools efficiently and saves energy.  It’s also a remarkably attractive machine to look at. You can choose between backlighted plain walls, a choice of graphics of our design or provide your own idea and we can produce a graphic to specification.  The machine is constructed by a high quality engineering company which ensures a long life span and hassle free running.  The machine has 12 fans which draw in fresh air through the wall panels resulting in the optimum temperature for the electrical components being maintained.  With a cooling fan in the ceiling and air outlets at different levels, comfort is assured.         

Display lighting inside.

- Exterior display lighting

 - Choice of colours.

- Stereo speakers system with volume control.

Available Options:

225 watt upgrade to lamps and ballasts.

Floor step with or without mirror finish.

LUX series electronic control panel.

Breeze Active System with moving nozzles.