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Tecnosun Bikini - £33000.00

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  • Category : Lie Down Sunbed
  • Purpose : Commercial use
  • Type : Buy

This professional high-pressure sunbed is ideal for all-over tanning in a matter of minutes with maximum safety. Its anti-panic design stays open making ideal for customers who are afraid of being “closed in”. Its Circular reflecting parabola-reflects more UV rays with less exposure time and lower power consumption. This tanning system has a large plexiglas support surface and powerful ventilation system. Each of its 5 columns is equipped with 6 circular reflecting parabolas, creating a more even tan. It is also easy to maintain with its  “Book” type opening of columns which make it easy to clean the filters and change the bulbs.

Standard equipment:
• 30 high pressure bulbs (400W each) in a vertical position on a circular reflecting surface
• Filtering system to eliminate harmful UV rays
• Electronically regulated forced ventilation for the body and face
• Computerised control system of the solarium’s main functions

• Round glass parabola for a better emission quality, less heat and more power
• HI-FI stereo with CD player
• Speakers for cable radio connections
• Painted on request
• Flexible PVC tube to pipe the hot air out of the solarium