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Ultra Zenith - £10200.00

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  • Category : Lie Down Sunbed
  • Purpose : Commercial use
  • Type : Buy

The new redesigned Zenith SQ is ergonomically designed for superb tanning performance and has an added healthy bonus with D-vitamin inside. The Zenith SQ with 34  Ultra Tan D-vitamin tubes and Facebooster Golde Sun Ray HP-B gives complete coverage to create an all over natural looking tan.  Its ultra-efficient high pressure body ventilation and computerized after-cooling temperature control ensures a great tanning experience.

Zenith SQ - Features:

- 34 Ultra Tan D-vitamin tubes

- Face booster 3 pcs Golden Sun Ray HP-B - lamps

- Quick-Lock

- High pressure body-ventilation

- Central exhaust air unit

- Night light

- Illuminated logo

- Back-lit decoration panel