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Sunbed Creams

Sunbed creams can be very beneficial if you are using a sunbed. These sunbed creams are designed to help people who find it hard to tan. The oil in the sunbed cream helps the skin to absorb more light resulting in a more effective tan in less time.

When using a sunbed your skin can become dehydrated. Sunbed creams are also designed to moisturise your skin and keep it hydrated. Most people go on a sunbed with dry skin. This dry skin is unable to absorb the light and in fact up to 75 per cent of the UV rays are reflected off the surface of the skin because it becomes flaky. Sunbed creams counteract this, making your skin more absorbent and therefore resulting in a more even tan, in a shorter period of time. Using a sunbed cream will also enhance the longevity of your tan as your skin will be hydrated which will prevent dry tanned skin from peeling off.

There are many different types of sunbed creams available and you need to base your choice depending on your skin type. It is also advisable to experiment with several different types of sunbed creams to ensure that the one you are using will prove to be the most effective and most suitable for you. Most sunbed creams have been made with antioxidants and other ingredients to help counteract the effects of ageing. Many contain Vitamin E which can help reduce the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. There are also specialist sunbed creams designed for use on the face only, to protect sunbed users from any possible ageing effects.

Tyrosine is the active ingredient used in most sunbed creams. This enzyme stimulates the production of melanin and it is this melanin that is responsible for the tanning ability of your skin. If you use a sunbed cream that contains Tyrosine, then you can automatically enhance the depth of your tan in a much shorter period of time. If you have fair skin, then it would be advisable to use a product that contains DHA. Fair skinned people who have low levels of melanin in their skin are advised to use a sunbed cream containing DHA as this will enable them to achieve a deeper tan without spending long periods of time on the sunbed.

If you wish to achieve a fantastic tan whilst reducing the time you spend on a sunbed then purchasing the right sunbed cream for you will help you achieve this. 


Dark Bronzer


Perfect for tan skin to enhnance their tan and give a golden tan look. The cream has been formulated with carotene oil, silk proteins and peanut extracts...


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